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Yacheng Moua



Appleton, WI




$2750 for Half Day (up to 4-5 hours)


-Cinematic Highlight video ranging 4 to 5 minutes

-Cinematic B-roll footages


$4625 for Full Day (up to 8-10 hours)


-Cinematic Highlight video ranging 8 to 15 minutes.

-Cinematic B-roll footages(fill-in shots)


-Ceremony and Reception

-Teaser Trailer


$625 for raw footage


Travel up to 25 miles is included

Travels anywhere for $50 up to 50 miles one way

Beyond 50 miles, fee is $100

A Bit About Yacheng

Cheng Moua began his videography journey back in the spring of 2019 on the simple whim of “it looks fun, let’s try it.”  Little did he know that what began as a fun and cinematic wedding video for his friend would pave the way to an uncertain future.  


Cheng grew up having a love for film and cinema.  The movies that truly stood out for him were those he grew up watching with his father.  These include the Hollywood spectacles of Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, and Indiana Jones.  Having passion and an eye for good cinema would also carry over into his filmmaking career and influence his works.


Cheng was a self-starter and learned the many fundamentals of filmmaking through trial and error; and from observing films such as those from his idolized director, Christopher Nolan.  Cheng later built his brand into Cheng Captured and operates alone, focusing his craft on music videos, documentaries and weddings films. He also earned his mark as an award winning filmmaker with achieving his Silver Award from the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards back in 2020 for his first documentary feature, "Memoirs of a Hmong Rock Band."


Cheng’s creative process has an intricate emphasis on very structured pacing and drawing out emotions in each scene with the use of very selective camera angles and focal lengths.  He also utilizes cinema-line cameras instead of standard SLR and mirrorless photo-centric cameras.  This ensures that when a client requires high quality and cinematic videos, the camera fits the bill through and through.  These cameras also shoot at a high resolution 4k image filmed in a 10-bit codec.  This allows for cinematic flexibility for color grading and adjustments to get virtually any look that you want in post production.  During the post production phase, turnaround times are fairly quick due to the workflow that Cheng had expertly structured over the years.  This is all achieved from custom built computer hardware that matches the level of quality from his camera work.


Cheng operates with the integrity of an Open Book in order to stay on the same page as you are.  The biggest goal of Cheng is to not only bring your vision to life, but to exceed your expectations.  Your special day should only feel like a click away when you trust in his creative process, defined camera work, and editing prowess. 

Partner up with Cheng if you’d like your life to be turned into a movie! 

Intro Videos - What Yacheng Does

Wedding Portfolio

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